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Hotinri is the brainchild of Nelson Damoura. A die-hard Rhode Island native from the age of two, he had notice that his city was being over look by major states because of it's size. With the love that he had for providence he was determine to showcase to the world what was truly going on in the state of Rhode Island. Hotinri was created, unfortunately Nelson pass away in his sleep just as his dream company was actually being recognize for bring not just Rhode Island life to fore front but New England as a whole.

Stepping in to keep his brothers dream alive is Stanley Bois who is determine to continue the showcase of New England multi fasted life but branch it out further. Creating Marketing, Advertising, Promotion plan to help other companies get the light they need to shine. For Stanley believe if all companies, people, and more get the eyes on them it will raise the awareness of all to New England.  So he is taking this company deep in the realm of  internet connections, submerge it in the print media, and add visual media as well.



Excellence and Customer Satisfaction is our TOP GOAL.




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